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Hi, my name is Larissa and I have been working in the healthcare industry for over 16 years.

Since 2019 I offer individual and group consultations about health and wellness with a focus on whole body detoxification and fasting in three different languages (EN, DE, PT).

In my spare time, I am a writer, I like to create digital content and I love music and dance.


My work is my passion, and it is my pleasure to support people on the Salutogenesis Path so that they are in flow with their optimal health and wellness state and live a long, quality life without complaints.



  • Bachelor degree in Biomedical Science since 2007

  • Certified Preventologist member of the German Association of Preventologists

  • Fasting Leader certified by German physicians and member of the German Fasting Academy

  • Certified in Fascia and Visceral System by ABFascias Brazil

  • Certified in Medical QiGong by Dr. Roger Jahnke

  • Certified Practitioner in Energy Massage Therapy, a technique based on kinesiology and meridians developed by Karl Heinz-Biederstaedt (German Masseur and Energy Healer)

  • Certified Access Bars Practitioner

  • Certified Quantum Healing Practitioner in Switzerland.


15% Off All Items


A minha área de especialização centra-se na medicina do estilo de vida e no bem-estar multidimensional.


Após mais de sete anos a trabalhar na área do diagnóstico por imagem, a entrada na esfera da saúde multidimensional era inevitável devido à minha própria história de vida.


Por conseguinte, não podia deixar de incluir a minha experiência pessoal na minha abordagem terapêutica.


Serviço: online ou presencial

What is your goal? 

I am here to help you gain clarity and help you set goals that are meaningful to you. I will guide you help you navigate through the challenges to come.


15% Off All Items


My aim is to promote holistic health and wellbeing by helping individuals and families to touch their own resources and potential and to develop their own skills through practical training.


The multidimensional approach aims at identifying the root causes of your complaints, establishing goals and monitoring your progress.


I do not promise resolution of symptoms. What you may experience as healing is a result of your own body's innate mechanisms.


And, because every human being is unique, there is no standard recipe, only common directions based on the concepts of salutogenesis.

Your goal defines your path.

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15% Off All Items

Therapy Closeup

More physical energy

Lightness instead of tightness

Quality of sleep

Stress management

Sustainable chronic pain relief

Healthy ageing


Whatever the direction,


we will find the solution together.

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15% Off All Items

My clientele includes people suffering from chronic degenerative symptoms of all types: chronic pain, sleep problems, lack of energy, obesity, irritability, reflux, chronic stress, hypothyroidism etc.

I am in the final stage of writing the two volumes of my memoir where I talk about the trajectory and understanding of the processes of each stage: from an inflamed body, pain and chronic symptoms, to CPTSD, energy density and light body.

Contribute to the publication of my books by donating HERE or through collaborating with me with your creative work. 

If you are a designer with experience in book illustration, including cover illustration, please contact me HERE to dialogue how we can mutually benefit.

The human body is a functional unit or grouping of systems forming a single INTEGRATED SYSTEM which contains internal and external sensors sending constant information to the nervous system which acts like a watchdog, which puts itself in a state of alert at the slightest sign of danger. Because it is an integrated unity, we can't take care of one part without looking at the others.

It has no filters and cannot discern between a volatile thread like a thought, or a pathogen entering the airways. However, it has its own protocol to combat the aggressor agent anyway.

It is crucial to be present in our body as much as possible, and that does not mean being in a constant state of alert, but being aware and ready to access its internal resources when needed. 

Under traumatic situations, when we don't know how to consciously deal with the situation, it is as if our soul leaves the body for an instant as a protection mechanism. That is why there are people who automatically faint when they have an accident or momentarily lose cognitive capacity (vasovagal or neurocardiogenic syncope) to protect the integrity of their soul.

When we are present, we can access our inner resources and return to readiness instead of going into a state of hyperarousal because we couldn't deal with the psycho-emotional threat. 
Would you like to understand more about me and my approach. 
Write me an email or give me a call. I will be happy to answer your questions.

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My experience includes:

The understanding of physiological detox and fasting

Smooth diet transition according to each person's possibilities

The spectrum of CPTSD and complex trauma, including its foundations, and recovery

The identification of the aspects of the innate freeze response

Helping you find your fragmented parts, dive into your core to lapidate your hidden diamond and reintegrate yourself to create a joyful and fulfilled life

The impacts of trauma in our physiology

Recovering from chronic pain and chronic symptoms

Navigating through emotional states with safety through various techniques like body awareness, mindful movements, and sensing our sensory system

Self-regulation and co-regulation

Self-empowerment tools

Methods for physiological repair, rebalance, regeneration and reprogramming of our bodies and autonomic nervous system

Empowerment through posture, verbal and mental commands

Intentional breath associated to meditation, yoga and/or medical qigong.

Service: online or in person (travel and accommodation costs assumed by the client).

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Es hat mein Leben verändert
Die größte Veränderung in meinem Leben war die Verringerung der körperlichen Symptome und die Verbesserung von Stimmung und Schlaf. Infolgedessen gelang es mir auch, übermäßiges Gewicht zu verlieren und Fett in bestimmten Bereichen abzubauen. Interessanterweise musste ich nie hungern und habe nicht einmal Kalorien gezählt. Durch dieses Programm entdeckte ich, dass das Geheimnis in der Kombination und Qualität der Lebensmittel die wir essen spielt auch eine wichtige Rolle. Ich entwickelte ein größeres Körperbewusstsein und das Gefühl, mehr mit meinem eigenen Körper verbunden zu sein. Ich entwickelte Selbstliebe und Selbstfürsorge und schloss Frieden mit meinem Körper. Ich lernte, seine Mechanismen und Rhythmen zu lieben und zu respektieren. Dieses Programm ist der Schlüssel zum Verständnis, dass unser Körper für uns arbeitet, zu unserem eigenen Wohl, und wir können auch für ihn arbeiten, wenn wir die richtigen Entscheidungen treffen. Das hat mein Leben verändert, und so konnte ich auch meiner Familie zu einem gesünderen Leben verhelfen.
Professional Holistic Approach
What I like most on this mentoring program is the support given. Questions are answered, issues related to healing are addressed and explained. Among other things, I got to know the key points about human relationship to food, experienced meditation and breathing exercises, plus, the presentation slides are brilliantly desiged. My life has definetely changed for the better. 

Sébastien P., Electric Engineer Pianist, Singer (France)

Ich habe gelernt, Gewohnheiten zu ändern
Wir denken, dass wir Gefangene unserer Gewohnheiten sind und haben deshalb Angst, sie zu ändern oder unser Leben zu verändern. Mit dem Spiral Health Programm habe ich entdeckt, dass wir unsere Gewohnheiten ändern und uns, unsere Gesundheit und unser Leben zum Besseren verändern können.

Hebert Junghans, Wirtschaftswissenschaftler, brasilianischer und deutscher Staatsbürger

Rejane Rinaldi

Das hat mein Leben verändert, und so habe ich meiner Familie geholfen.


I like very much the support given.

Hebert Junghans

Ich habe gelernt, Gewohnheiten zu ändern.

Francis Chirimuuta, Farm Developer (Zimbabue)

The program helped me tremendously.

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