My Story


Hi, I'm Larissa. After trying traditional methods, prescribed drugs and surgeries, I recovered my health through a natural and transformative process that began in 2018. A simple change on the food I was eating and on my lifestyle triggered a butterfly effect that affected all other areas of my life. I had no idea of what was going to happen next and of the multiple benefits I got.

 Everything started when I decided to trust my intuition. My body was so out of balance that the imbalances started to affect my cognitive function. I was very scared, I thought I would die. At that time, I literally panicked and called my brother. He drove me to the emergency room.

At the emergency, they gave me the diagnosis of epilepsy. I never fainted, only could not coordinate thoughts into words in a way that would make sense. After the diagnosis I had to take heavy prescription drugs for two years and that was when other doctors discovered that it was a false diagnosis and decided to wean off the drug.


Even during the two years of medications, the symptoms did not go away, so in 2017 I decided "enough is enough". I needed to do something I'd never done before. Then, I created new habits, delve deep into my emotions and traumas, and much more. 2017 was my transition year. I had no idea what was going to happen from there, but the changes were just beginning. I had to learn a lot about many things that I hadn't seen at the university of Biomedical Science; obvious things that we heard from our grandparents, but that society seemed to belittle or ignore, including me, back then.

Along the way, I realized that it was necessary to change the direction of my career, so as a specialist in diagnostic magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography, I decided to get a specialization in the field of disease prevention. My training in Germany and Switzerland also includes the specialty: fasting for health, fascial fitness training and therapeutic energy massage, which involves knowledge of meridians and manipulation of the fascial tissues. I am very grateful to have had access to the best professionals in these areas in Europe!

My work may be confused with that of a naturopathic doctor or a holistic therapist, but it involves a universe of information and knowledge that goes beyond the usual. These certificates can say a little about what I did, but they don't make it clear that my job is really my passion and life mission.

Since 2019 I have been working with individuals and groups in online mentoring courses. My focus is to bring more awareness to people to help them live a holistic lifestyle and get older without the need of external support such as medication, diapers, caregivers.

My approach is a combination of science-based information and my own personal experience. My target audience is made up of people who suffer from chronic-degenerative symptoms of all kinds, or people struggling to lose weight. I help them walk the path of a balanced life on the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels, supporting them in overcoming challenges and, at the same time, building self-confidence so that they can move forward autonomously, without self-judgments and with lightness, respecting the uniqueness of themselves.

I may not have all the answers and that's far from my intention, but I also know that I can provide them the tools and the support they need because I, myself, have been there.

My Approach

As part of my practice and philosophy, I try to pass on the knowledge I've acquired as simply and lightly as possible, and I try to help my patients walk the path of holistic health and well-being by empowering them to overcome challenges and move forward independently, so they can reach their balanced state of being according to the rhythms of nature, and their own unique body needs.

My approach includes a combination of diverse methods and knowledge that has been proven to promote and/or reestablish homeostasis in the whole being: body, mind and emotions. Some of these are: the fascial system and proprioception, manual therapies such as therapeutic massage and energetic and oriental medicine, deep breathing exercises based on Kundalini Yoga, meditation, postural and body awareness, music, dancing, and others.

As with countless techniques, there are countless possibilities and paths to regaining full health. So the question: "How can I help you reconnect with the innate abilities of self-restoration and revitalization of your own body?" it makes room for these possibilities to manifest themselves.

We do not need to know everything, nor would we be able to learn all techniques and apply all the knowledge that exists out there. We also know that many methods proved to be useful for some but not for all because we are all unique, and I respect that.

However, for any method to be profitable and bring results, we really need to be open and ready for it. If you have an open heart and mind, and if you dedicate yourself, whatever is best for you at that particular moment in time and space will become your reality.

Shall we walk this road together?

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