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Meet Henrique, a 3-year-old child who is a warrior since he was born and learn the battles his mother has to face every day to cover all of his special needs.


On August 4, 2018 at 11:33 pm a diagnosis changed the life of a family. The report from the German laboratory CENTOGENE said: Henrique Vianna dos Santos has LAMA2 congenital muscular dystrophy, also known as MDC1A muscular dystrophy.

Ever since the family discovered that Henrique carried a rare genetic mutation, his life could never be normal, nor could his family's.


Today they need to travel to a specialist, tomorrow he is doing a MRI examination, a few days in the week he needs to attend to physiotherapy. From hospital to clinics, from physical therapy sessions to cold MRI rooms, and so on, that alone would be enough, but ton top of that there are the lack of support from the public health care system in Brazil and its slowness of judicial processes.

Henrique's family have no financial condition to pay for all his needs and many of the procedures that must be performed to make his life as painless as possible are not covered by the public health system SUS.


His mother, Daniela Vianna, tries everything she can and a little more. From selling cosmetics to launching donation campaigns on Instagram, hardworking, full of love and dedication for her son, giving her best every day, finding strength where she doesn't even know, at the same time she has to face the depression that set in two years ago.

Photo description: Henrique and his physiotherapist in one of the weekly sessions.

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