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Salute Your Self! | A 90-Day holistic journey to balance your self 

  • The cleansing diet is mainly plant-based, is there any risk that we are B12 deficient? This vitamin seems to be present in animal products only. On the other hand, I read somewhere in the book from Dr. Campbell “the China Study”, that we should not have to be scared of being B12 deficient while following a full plant-based diet, but I cannot remember why anymore… Could you please clarify this?

There is a huge misconception around supplementation and in particular in relation to B12. This is both the fault of commercial marketing and non-declared assumptions based on what has been read or heard and spreads quickly like wildfire. I can tell that there is no definitive statement and no unique truth in terms of supplementation especially when we are talking about B12.

There is no risk that you get B12 deficient so quickly - in 90 days - unless you already are, and I assume you are already because this is not a vegan-tendency as many people think but a global characteristic of our modern life; meat eaters need B12 supplementation too. Keep reading to understand why.

Vitamin B12 is made by microorganisms (bacteria, yeast cultures, some molds) found in the soil (and some algae) and synthesized by the bacteria present in the human body (like the cattle too). Many plant-based foods contain B12. E.g: lupins, peas, beans, beetroot, parsley, grain germs, sea buckthorn, sauerkraut, sour beans, miso, tempeh, etc. So, we could assume that the consumption of various plants, algae and other plant foods rich in B12 would be sufficient. However, B12 it is nowadays present in very low amounts in plant foods because the soil is depleted, embedded in pesticides, herbicide, chemical fertilizers and fungicides that kill or damage the microorganisms that synthesize B12. But at one point in our history, it was possible to have a plant-based diet without the need of supplementation.

On the other hand, the amount of B12 synthesized by the human intestinal flora is also insignificant and unlikely to be absorbed - or not adequately absorbed - because part of the absorption relies on the concentration both in the digestive juice and the blood and this explains why some preparations of B12 supplement come in very high doses, to make sure the minimum will be absorbed. The higher the difference of concentration of cobalamin between digestive juice and blood, the more it is passively absorbed with a maximum value of 30µg per digestion cycle. Absorption is about intestinal integrity. If you produce gas frequently, if your evacuation frequency matches the frequency with which you eat, if you have no complaints related to intestinal health, then there is a green light for ideal absorption. For B12, absorption also has to do with a low consumption of fats. So, an intestine that works, let’s say, three times a day in a body in which there is often low fat intake, bioavailable B12 would be much more likely to be absorbed in the ideal amount without needing supplementation.

The difference between cattle and humans is that they get their food directly from the soil, they eat some soil since their food is not washed, nor disinfected. However, like humans, they are not getting the ideal amounts of viable B12 either, the bombarded soil - where our food is being produced and where cattle feeds (when they are “free” and graze) - needs to be rich in humus and cobalt, which is not the case anymore, so the cattle do too receive supplementation (through fortified food). Then, you might think: “Ok, then, if they receive this fortified food with B12 and I eat their meat, I am safe”. No, you aren’t! At least, not in the long run and the answer lies (again) in the word: absorption. 

Over 90% of B12 deficiency reasons are due to malabsorption, which means, many people are suffering from gastrointestinal disorders, many caused by an acidic diet that destroys the digestive tract. Then, if the absorption is disturbed, it means not only that the vitamin is not being absorbed like it should but that more bioactive cobalamin is lost through the release by the bile. And after absorption B12 needs to become bioavailable, which means it needs to be bound via other metabolic processes.

In addition, high consumption of fat impairs the release of the intrinsic factor, and the following items hinder absorption and increases B12 demand by the body: alcohol, cafe (and teas containing tannic acid), salt, hot spices, mercury, antibiotics, antacids, cholesterol-lowering agents, potassium chloride, metformin, omeprazomine, contraceptives, antimalarial drug, nitric oxide, some diuretics, and others. 

Yet, do not panic! The body is (much more) intelligent (than our intellect is and...) stores nutrients! The liver stores up to 60% of cobalamin, muscles about 30%, plasma around 10%. Thus, it takes several years for the storage to be depleted.

Also, it seems that vitamins B6 and folic acid can partly replace vitamin B12 (again the incredible body’s intelligence!) but to be on the safe side, if you will, it is ok to supplement if your intuition (not your fear) says so.

Some other things to have in mind: added B12 (fortified foods) is oftentimes in its bio-inactive form. Besides high consumption of fat, grilling, roasting, frying or braising your food inactivates B12 by 33% to 66%. Spirulina, nori, chlorella, kombu, blue-green algae, dulse, and wakame contain bacteria that produce vitamin B12, but it seems to be that this is a bio-inactive form of it (no one knows for sure). 

Methylcobalamin, cyanocobalamin and hydroxocobalamin have superior bioavailability and safety compared to cyanocobalamin.

You will find my recommended and reliable B12 supplement (and tinctures) brand here. This one contains the three bioavailable forms mentioned above. There is an EU shop called Unlimited Health where you can find this supplement and other Global Healing products too.

Focus on restoring the integrity of your organs, especially the elimination pathways (gut, skin, lungs, kidneys, lymphatic system), and especially your gut that is the main elimination organ. If elimination happens smoothly through the bowels, sooner or later absorption will follow. 

Remember that, in the body, everything happens in connection and in cycles: if some issue is happening in the gut, it will impair another organ, e.g: it can affect the thyroid; and the other way around is also true. At the same time, healing one issue, it creates a cascate of healing. The goal is also to alkalize the blood pH as much as possible (is a very limited range btw) to create room for self-repair to happen smoothly. Thanks for asking!

  • You mentioned that “tinctures” are a must have during detox. Which tinctures and teas would you recommend? What is a tincture actually? How to use it? Why is it a must have?

The tincture is a form of preparation in which the active ingredients (phytonutrients) of medicinal plants and herbs are extracted. They are thus a concentrated form of these phytonutrients that enhance and accelerate cleansing because of their innate properties like the ability to bind and pull out toxins from the body.


There is a list where I recommend some of these plants/herbs among the material shared in our class.

With medicinal herbs and plants we can either prepare and/or buy:

Teas - Infusions - Tinctures - Eat them raw with your dishes - Add them to your juices and smoothies - Prepare medicinal baths and poultices

In Europe, I recommend buying tinctures from the following suggested brands: Kasimir & Lieselot, Our Botanicals Europe, Global Healing (from Dr. Group). The links I inserted leads you to the EU pages. I have listed them in order of cost-benefit. 

Each case is differnt, so I would recommend them you based on your specific needs. 

  • Why is the diet 90 days long and not 60 or120? Is there a scientific explanation behind it?

We are composed of trillions of cells and microorganisms that are part of our body and have their own genetic information, just like us. Without this symbiosis our human life would not be possible. So, like everything else on this planet, our body (with all the things that make it up and depend on it, including microorganisms) need time to self-regeneration, self-repair and renewing tissues, glands, organs and functions. But each tissue has a specific renewal time, for example, every 78 days all our skin is renewed.


The time of each person is also variable because each one is unique and we all have different issues, we are exposed to different environments, we have different mindsets, different genetic strengths and tendencies, different glomerular filtration rates, different toxic load and detoxification rate, and so on. So healing depends on several factors. It depends on the toxic load of each person, the metabolic detoxification rate of the liver, the integrity and functioning of the gastro-intestinal tract, cellular oxygenation, the amount of mineralized fluid that is being ingested and delivered in a deep cellular level daily, how much physical exercise you do, etc.

That is, there is no rule, but a general idea based on clinical cases and because it takes about 90 days to change a habit. Thus, 30 days would be a very short time for someone with thyroid dysfunction, for example, to present a complete restoration of his/her functions, but for someone with simple constipation problems it might be possible.


The 90 days suggested by this program is a minimum estimated period to start to notice notable improvements. In this period of time the new habits are integrated. This does not mean that the person will be 100% free of symptoms in 90 days. Healing is a process. From personal experience and by knowing many other cases, even from people who have became cancer-free, I would say that a period of at least 12 months should be considered until you are completely free of issues.

  • How often would you recommend doing infrared light therapy? Is it too much to do it on a daily basis?

The duration of treatment per area, that is, use of localized lamp, should be between 15 to 30 minutes per day. Infrared light cabins can be used 1x a day for 30 minutes or more depending on temperature and intended use. Avoid exposing your eyes, if you apply in the head region, protect your eyes.

  • Which essential oils (and diffuser) would you recommend for a bedroom in relation to this cleansing program, which in addition could have a positive effect on sleep?

There are different types of essential oils for different effects on sleep or the lack of it. So, based on your case, lavender and basil have a great effect on sleep whereas tea tree, geranium, sweet orange and peppermint would help support thyroid and should be applied directly on the neck area at least 1x per day. I am not an expert on essential oils though. Here you can be redirected to my dOTERRA webpage if you wish.

  • How long a brush massage is supposed to be (before the shower/bath)?

A dry massage takes about 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how effective you want it to be. Usually, 15 minutes is ideal. On troubled days, 10 minutes already promotes a good activation. I suggest you start with 15 minutes and develop your skills as you go. The skin should be red but not bruised. You will know how to measure the force you apply as you go. I suggest you buy the one with the detachable handle to reach all the parts of the back well.


  • Is it “mandatory” to drink celery juice every morning?

I would say, it all depends on your availability and acceptance of celery juice. If the flavor seems too strong you can add ½ apple and drink it. Celery juice regulates stomach acid, salt balance, ward off pathogens, etc. The ideal is to continue drinking this or other green juices every morning and whenever you want. There is a list of recipes in our virtual classroom. Vegetable and herb juices are very curative. Add a whole fruit such as apple or orange 1 or ½ fruit just to sweeten and "break" the more intense flavor of some vegetables. You can also add 1/2 cucumber. The ideal would be to introduce as few ingredients as possible.


  • Regarding the reasons which motivated you to choose between lavender or basil (or even petit grain) to help having a better sleep. What are the characteristics of every oil (the 3 ones), and in which way each of them “treat” different kinds of sleep troubles?

​In aromatherapy for insomnia, different essential oils are used because there are several types of insomnia, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Please note, that I am not an aromathepist practicioner though.

1. When the person has difficulty to sleep, anxiety, worry and keeps thinking about what will happen tomorrow, the bills that he*she has to pay, the activities and tasks he/she has to do, etc, the mind doesn't stop, it stays worried and anxious about the next day's activities. This would be an earth element imbalance ie an imbalance of the stomach, spleen and pancreas. To reduce this anxiety, this worry and this excess of thoughts that prevent the person from sleeping well, the essential oil of Olibano and Lemon Grass can bring balance, reduce agitated thoughts, bring a lot of tranquility and facilitate sleep. 

2. There is a type of insomnia where the person wakes up several times in the middle of the night and when he/she finally sleeps, the person still feels restless. They may wake up with agitated thoughts as well as with worries. But in this case, it is an imbalance of the fire element ruled by the heart.  In these cases the essential oil of lavender is very suitable. Another essential oil would be Howood which has linalool in its composition. Lavender is very famous for insomnia but it is most effective for this type of insomnia - when a person wakes up several times during the night. 

3. There is also insomnia which is an imbalance of the wood element, that is, liver and gallbladder, where the person wakes up with nightmares, repeated dreams of persecution, or that he/she is running or that something bad is happening to him/her. In this case it is necessary to balance the wood element so the essential oil of marjoram, Roman chamomile or geranium works well. These three are the most effective at balancing the wood element and thus promoting peaceful, comfortable, nightmare-free sleep.


4. Yet another type of insomnia is when the person wakes up very early and cannot sleep again. In this case it is considered that there is an imbalance of the water element: kidneys and bladder. Here we can think of an essential oil that will bring repair and revitalization. In this case, basil essential oil is indicated. 

5. An imbalance in the metal element (lung and large intestine) is very much associated with depression and melancholy. About 80% of people who suffer from depression also suffer from insomnia. In many cases we do not know if the insomnia caused depression or vice versa because one can cause the other. This can lead to tiredness, lack of memory, etc. The consequences of insomnia are manifold and it greatly impairs vitality and daytime performance. In the case of an imbalanced metal element that is associated with depression, the person perceives that depression is affecting sleep. They have difficulty sleeping or wake up several times in the middle of the night restless and tired. Maybe they still have trouble waking up in the morning due to all the difficulty getting to sleep. In this case, the essential oil of elemi and sweet orange work well together or lavender and chamomile which also contributes to help with insomnia as a consequence of depression. While elemi acts directly on depression. Insomnia drastically affects our day, bringing tiredness, lack of memory, dissatisfaction, mood swings, low performance in daily activities, etc., impacting our well-being and quality of life in all areas.

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