Fasting is easier than you think and how you will feel afterwards is worth a try! Once you have experienced this flow state after you fast the first time, you will want to fast again and again.It's as if the body is becoming an expert in this tool each time it uses it. With each fast we feel new inside and outside, our energy levels and strength increase, and the next time you fast again, everything goes more easily.


For many people, fasting marks the entrance to a healthier lifestyle, with more lightness, energy, vitality, connection with their body and with themselves. 

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about fasting.

Ready to fast?


Will I be hungry while fasting?

You might feel a hunger sensation in the initial two days if you are doing water fasting. However, the method I use is not water fasting, it is certified by German doctors and if applied correctly by you, you won't feel hungry. At the end of the fasting period, all newbies always agree with that.

Will I have energy during fasting

Yes! Between the second to the third day, the body switches its source of fuel and activates the fasting metabolism mode. Due to the improved fat burning in a fasted state, endurance performance (like hiking) is optimal and you also lose a few pounds on the scale. in addition, ketones leave brain capacity at its peak, people report mental clarity, greater ability to concentrate, need for less sleep and lots of energy.

How long should I fast?

As a rule from my certified fasting academy, 7 to 10 days of fasting is sufficient for general regeneration, detoxification and purification. Everything is monitored and you can manage this as the days go by, as you feel the physical and mental changes. People using medication should always consult their doctor before fasting to reduce or temporarily suspend the dose. People with higher body fat can fast longer than 10 days under medical supervision.

How many kg can I lose in a week of fasting?

Usually it is a rule"those who have more also lose more". This may vary between 5-6 kg or 3-4 kg per week. Following a good fasting program avoids the yo-yo effect that happens when doing diets. Fasting intensifies the metabolism of fat and you do not have to be afraid of losing muscle mass if you do proper fasting exercises.

Q&A about fasting with a yogui monk

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